Printed training materials


In addition to our practical training and web based educational
program Neoventa also offers different printed training tools.

Educational material in CTG and ST Analysis:

The Green book of Neoventa part I
– The physiology of fetal surveillance

The Green book has been developed to provide midwives and doctors with up-to-date knowledge relating to the ability of the fetus to utilize its defense against threatening oxygen deficiency. It is hoped that the user’s ability to interpret the physiological reactions of the fetus will improve, in combination with the STAN monitor.

Karl G. Rosén, MD, PhD
Annika Mårtendal, MSc

Extracts Green Book part I

The Green Book of Neoventa Part II
Fetal surveillance and assessment of fetal reactions

To further stimulate an interest in the interpretation of fetal reactions, we have added a new volume of the Green Book, The Green Book of Neoventa Part II, Fetal surveillance and assessment of fetal reactions, published in 2015 that looks at the experience earned over the last 15 years. This separate volume includes both user aspects to be considered from published studies as well as those earned from a set of 60 index cases. We believe case-based analysis still has an important role to play in the process of learning provided we have a common understanding of the physiology of fetal reactions to the stress and strain of labour, the latter still being the most important part in the safe dissemination of knowledge on fetal reactions and ultimately improved intrapartum surveillance.

Karl G. Rosén, MD, PhD
Annika Mårtendal, MSc

Extracts Green Book part II

Fetal monitoring with ST Analysis

The textbook for your first introduction to ST Analysis including fetal physiology and assessment of the child. The book is available in nine languages:
English US

cover text book

Guidelines card and Checklists

A handy pocket-size kit with CTG classifications, guidelines for ST Analysis, STAN clinical guidelines and checklists. The kit is available in ten languages and always complies with guidelines and standards for each individual country.

clinical guidelines


Summary and Abstract

Will give you a “shortcut” to scientific publications.


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