• 1.1 STAN S41
  • 2.1 STAN Method
  • 3.1 Neoventa Academy

Neoventa brand movie

Neoventa brand movie

Get to know Neoventa – watch our brand movie.

E-learning with certification

Web based education

Neoventa offers web based education in fetal monitoring, both with CTG and ST Analysis. There are many advantages in using an interactive web-based program for basic education and training.

Stan Cases

Online case library

Visit our online case library with real life CTG recordings, both with and without ST Analysis. The scrollable recordings include clinical background, outcome information and expert comments.

Stan S41

Stan S41

Stan S41 – a complete, compact and portable CTG device with integrated printer and the capacity for integrated telemetry.

Stan is also important because it is a continuous monitoring device, unlike pH measurements in fetal blood, which require contact with the fetal scalp. The measurement only indicates the level of the acid-base balance at the moment the measurement is made. Of course, the evolution of this balance can be followed through several successive measurements, but, a heart rate pattern sometimes deteriorates very quickly and continuous monitoring of the risk of asphyxia as provided by Stan is often richer in information.–Prof. Franck Perrotin, Head of the Gynaecology-obstetrics Department at the University Hospital of Tours

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