Philips signs cooperation agreement with Neoventa

Dutch company, Philips Medical Systems has signed a cooperation agreement with Swedish company, Neoventa Medical AB. The agreement means that the companies’ foetal monitoring systems will be compatible, and it will be possible to receive ST data in OB TraceVue from births monitored with STAN, which until present represent close to one million. “The agreement is a major success for both Neoventa and Philips,” says Neoventa’s CEO, Jan Stålemark, “It is further confirmation that the STAN method has been widely accepted.”

Neoventa Medical AB has been developing and selling the STAN instrument since 2000. STAN is based upon a completely new method of foetal monitoring during labour, where not only the foetal heart rate is measured, but also the ECG, a so-called ST analysis. Neoventa is alone in the unique STAN method. STAN is currently used primarily in Europe and the Middle East. Since approval of the instrument by the FDA, interest has quickly increased, also in the US. On the 1st January 2007, the US-based subsidiary, Neoventa Medical Inc., was started, and they will be managing the contacts on the American market.

Philips Medical Systems is a world leader within medical technology, through such things as the OB TraceVue system, which is the most widely spread central monitoring system for foetal monitoring in Europe. The newly signed agreement will mean that support for STAN and ST analysis will be an important new feature of future versions of the system.

The agreement will also mean new business opportunities for both parties, as STAN and OB TraceVue will now comprise a total solution for maternity clinics. The fact that Philips in particular, with its broad client base, chose to develop support for ST analysis shows that STAN is a method with major benefits for maternity care. “STAN saves the lives of children and improves the quality of care. STAN should therefore be available to all maternity personnel,” concludes Jan Stålemark.

For more information, please contact Neoventa’s CEO, Jan Stålemark on +46 (0)31 758 3216 or +46 (0)733 72 22 01 or visit

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