How to calibrate the touchscreen

To calibrate the touchscreen, enter the Touchscreen Calibration dialog. This can be done either by selecting the Calibrate Touch button in the Maintenance Functions dialog as described above, or by touching the bottom left field stating Tap to calibrate touchscreen during start up. As with the service functions, the calibration dialog cannot be accessed while a temporarily ended recording is on the internal disk. In occurring cases, end the recording first by selecting the Start New button in the Continue Recording dialog.

If the screen is so poorly calibrated that none of the above methods can be used to access the Touchscreen calibration dialog, a PS/2 compatible mouse can be used as control device, so that the calibration dialog can be reached. Note that the mouse must then be plugged into the mouse PS/2 connector before the system is started, as the system will fail to detect it otherwise. Use the mouse to access the calibration dialog using the methods above. The left mouse button emulates touching the screen at the current mouse pointer position. Remember that the mouse cannot be used for the actual calibration.

Touchscreen Calibration

Calibrating the touchscreen is done by touching a number of targets on the screen, preferably by a pointy object. The first two touches are used to calculate the boundaries of the screen, and the last two touches are used to verify these calculated boundaries. If the last touches are inconsistent with the first ones, the calibration is considered too inaccurate, and the user is asked to start the process over again. If the calibration is successful, the calculated base coordinates are stored in the counter information file, and the calibration dialog disappears.

To leave the Touchscreen Calibration dialog without having to re-calibrate the screen, use the escape key on the keyboard. There is also a timeout that exits the calibration dialog after 30 seconds of inactivity.

Note: If the calibration routine continues to fail, the hardware might be assembled incorrectly. In this case, inspect the connection between the touchscreen controller device and the actual touchscreen.

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