How to prepare a USB Storage device for recording transfer

USB devices that are to be used for transfer must be prepared through a special process. The purpose of this is to provide protection against unauthorised people taking recordings from STAN, intentionally or by mistake by plugging a memory stick, music player etc.. The preparation process only has to be performed once for a new storage device, before the first time it is used. Note that the act of preparing a storage device does not format it or delete any existing files. Before they can be used by STAN, all USB devices must be formatted with either the FAT (e.g. MS-DOS) or FAT32 file system.

To prepare a USB disk for recording transfer, start the STAN monitor. After a short while, a rectangular area named Tap to access service functions will be visible in the lower right and left corner. Within three seconds, tap (touch and release) the rectangular area. This will open a Service Functions dialog with four options. (Finish possible ongoing recordings by selecting Start New if asked.)

In the Service Functions dialog, select the Change Settings button to open the System Settings dialog, then the Maintenance Functions button to open the Maintenance Functions dialog, and then the Prepare Storage Device button to open the Prepare Storage dialog.

Setup - Prepare Storage

Plug the USB storage device to be prepared into any of the two available USB connectors. Wait for STAN to detect the device and enable the Prepare USB Device button. Select the button and then confirm by selecting Yes in the confirmation dialog that follows. Another confirmation dialog will tell whether the operation was successful or not. After a couple of seconds, any stored recordings will be transferred to the newly prepared device, as described above. The device can then be safely removed and from here on be used as a storage device on any STAN S31 unit.

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