Cost-effectiveness of ST Analysis

The long-term cost-effectiveness of fetal monitoring during labour: a comparison of cardiotocography complemented with ST analysis versus cardiotocography alone

E Heintz,a T-H Brodtkorb,a N Nelson,b L-A Levinaa.

The purpose of the study was to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of ST analysis compared to that of CTG alone. The authors used a decision model with baseline estimates derived from the literature. The result shows that ST analysis is a cost saving method compared to CTG alone in the long term perspective, including immediate direct treatment costs at the hospital and the lifetime costs for individuals with severe cerebral palsy.

In the short term, when considering only the treatment costs associated with the immediate care at the hospital, the study also shows that ST analysis is cost saving. This means that the additional cost using the ST analysis device instead of CTG is more than outweighed by the cost saved avoiding caesarean sections, instrumental vaginal deliveries, cases of metabolic acidosis and cases of encephalopathy.

The authors conclude that ST analysis is the cost-effective alternative since the use results both in a gain in quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) and in a lower cost, thus ST analysis is dominating over CTG alone. Read the article here.

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