Effectiveness of pulse oximetry vs ST Analysis

The aim of this prospective randomized study was to compare the effectiveness of pulse oximetry and ST Analysis of the fetal ECG, and to determine which method was better at identifying the labour which could continue to deliver a healthy newborn.

One hundred eighty women with a full-term, singleton, cephalic presentation and a CTG tracing with non-reassuring fetal heart rate (NRFHR) were included in the study. The rate of caesarean delivery, indication for operative delivery due to NRFHR and neonatal acid-base status was compared between the groups.

The study showed a significant difference in mode of delivery, in that the rate of caesarean section was 37% lower in the group monitored with ST Analysis. The authors conclude that both methods can prolong labour in situation with NRFHR, but that ST Analysis was more effective in safely avoiding emergency caesarean deliveries, and that this method also provided a more continuous source of information on fetal status throughout labour.


Abstract – Valverde et al. 2011


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