First online CTG Master Class by Neoventa Academy – a success!

For many years Neoventa Academy has provided the popular CTG Master Class for Midwives and Obstetricians. In order to protect delegates, speakers and all involved, and to prevent the spread of COVID-19,  the first online CTG Master Class has been held, the 10-11 of June. The course had delegates from 11 different countries and was very well received.

CTG Master Class is an education provided by Neoventa Academy and is primarily aimed at Midwives and Obstetricians. The training focuses on the interpretation of CTG based on fetal physiology and fetal behaviour during stress, how is the fetus? The course contains interactive elements and the participants gets a deeper understanding of CTG interpretation.

“It was a new challenge and a change for everyone involved to run the education online. Still, it is very important for Neoventa Academy to reach out with this important training in physiological CTG interpretation with the aim to get healthier babies. We know that with the right knowledge we can reduce both the number of children born with oxygen deficiency and the frequency of C-sections and instrumental deliveries. We are very happy to have found a format that works very well so that we can continue to reach out during these special circumstances. We are already busy planning for the next educational opportunity,” says Annika Mårtendahl, Clinical Application & Educational Manager.

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neoventa academy first ctg online course a success

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