New course: Non-hypoxic causes of fetal compromise

Education has always been a cornerstone at Neoventa. Neoventa Academy was established for the purpose of increasing knowledge of fetal monitoring, CTG interpretation and ST Analysis of the fetal ECG among obstetric staff, and the academy has been offering courses for several years. The educational concept is based on an understanding of fetal physiology, and one particular question remains central throughout each course – how is the fetus?

Up until now, CTG Masterclasses have been offered at both basic and advanced level, alongside a course focused on ST Analysis of the fetal ECG. Neoventa Academy’s course offering is constantly revised to ensure doctors and midwives have access to high-quality education and the latest knowledge directly transferable to clinical practice.

Annika Mårtendal, Clinical & Educational Manager at Neoventa, reveals that the CTG Masterclasses have been extremely popular and are usually quickly booked up. The Basic and Advanced CTG Masterclasses provide a good understanding of fetal physiology, how the fetus responds to the stress of labour and how this is reflected on a CTG trace.

However, the need for additional knowledge about situations that are less common, yet part of everyday life on a delivery ward, soon became apparent. In order to fill this gap, a new course was developed to provide obstetric staff with valuable knowledge about identifying and managing less common situations as well.

Examples of such situations include cases of chorioamnionitis, COVID-19, fetal anaemia, feto-maternal haemorrhage, gestational diabetes and operative vaginal births. The new course, titled Non-hypoxic causes of fetal compromise, covers how these conditions can be identified on a CTG trace as well as the appropriate response in each situation. The course includes practical and theoretical knowledge as well as authentic cases.

“We are happy to announce that we are now able to offer this new course, which is a natural next step for midwives and doctors who want to hone their skills in CTG interpretation and clinical management. We know that increased knowledge leads to a lower number of unnecessary interventions and, ultimately, to healthier babies,” says Annika Mårtendal.

The new course will be held for the first time on 7–8 December and is offered online. You can register on Neoventa’s website by clicking here.

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