Symposium available online: What triggers the decision to deliver based on CTG + ST?

Neoventa’s symposium entitled WHAT TRIGGERS THE DECISION TO DELIVER BASED ON CTG + ST? was recently held at the BIRTH Congress. The panel was comprised of renowned and dedicated experts within intrapartum fetal monitoring. The symposium was chaired by Karl G. Rosen, Professor of Perinatal Applied Physiology and founder of ST Analysis.

Prof. Rosen opened the symposium with an interesting presentation about how ST Analysis came to be. He explained that, in his opinion, while CTG is extremely good for screening, when it comes to diagnosis and actually grading the fetal state, ST Analysis is needed.

Edwin Chandraharan, Director, Global Academy of Medical Education and Training Ltd, UK, talked about the problem of inter-observer variability in the interpretation of CTG traces and how there is a need for simplified clinical guidelines. He also presented his work at St George’s Hospital in London, UK, where he and his team were able to radically improve clinical outcomes in terms of reduced rates of metabolic acidosis and assisted deliveries.

The improved results were mainly due to three factors:

  • a mandatory fetal physiology training course for staff
  • skills assessment
  • the introduction of ST Analysis following the course



Susana Pereira, Consultant in Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine, Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK, talked about the possibility of improving the decision-making process and presented an initiative to develop the existing clinical guidelines with a point of departure in fetal physiology and modern decision theory.

The symposium ended with an open discussion among the panel as well as a Q&A session. The symposium is available to watch online on the BIRTH Congress platform for a limited period of time. Please note that you need to join the BIRTH Platform to access the symposium.

Access the symposium online:
BIRTH platform

  1. Register to the BIRTH platform
  2. Log in and go to: “Virtual Birth Sponsored Session”
  3. Find our webinar: WHAT TRIGGERS THE DECISION TO DELIVER BASED ON CTG + ST? (at the top)

Read more about the initiative to develop new clinical guidelines here.

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