KG Rosén 1948-2020

KG ROsen

It was with huge sadness that we learned of the passing of Neoventa’s founder Professor KG Rosén last week. Having been ill for some time, KG Rosén sadly died at his home in Kungälv near Gothenburg, aged 72.

He will chiefly be remembered as a key pioneer in the field of Fetal Monitoring, in particular for the invention of ST Analysis which, since around the turn of the millenium has been used to continually analyse and detect changes related to the risk of fetal hypoxia. The difference his groundbreaking work has made to the lives of so many cannot be underestimated.

KG Rosén was a hard-working and brilliant clinical mind, a scientist and an inventor who published many acclaimed articles. Yet for him the most important thing of all was simply to facilitate the birth of healthy babies.

He was born on 11th September 1948, and devoted the early part of his professional life to free clinical, experimental and bio-engineering work. In fact the first phase of ST Analysis prototypes date back to 1970. He graduated from university and subsequently worked on the neonatal ward at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg. It was here that he developed a passion for neonatal care, a passion which drove him to continuously develop ST Analysis through the 1980s and 1990s.

This innovation took a major step forward in 2000 when monitors were released into delivery suites, while FDA approval for ST Analysis was finally granted in 2005 after a successful clinical study. Nowadays it is common practice in delivery wards, a vital and invaluable invention for so many clinicians worldwide.

And yes, it was of course KG Rosén who founded Neoventa Medical AB back in 1997, starting Medical device developments as a way to secure the use of his knowledge gained from experimental and clinical research in the field of Fetal Monitoring. Choosing to step back from his head role at Neoventa after nine years, he was to return in later years as Medical Advisor, an assignment he cherished until his last days.

So many at Neoventa and beyond have fond and very personal memories of a man who devoted himself to the development of the STAN Method. Tributes from around the world have remarked on his strong-minded intelligence in the face of challenges, about an unwavering belief in his work despite some not always embracing his methods.

Ulf Järnberg, CEO at Neoventa, paid his own tribute on behalf of the company. “I feel a deep sense of gratitude for the work KG has done over all these years. He was such a hard-working and dedicated man, right to the very end. He simply did it because he was so committed and devoted to his work. He will be sadly missed by us all.”

Indeed just two weeks before he passed away, KG Rosén was still working in his advisory role, passing on that unrivalled knowledge and enthusiasm to a new generation of clinical minds. In fact, he spoke at a recent CTG congress, the final words in his presentation: “I hope that these 50 years of research work are not in vain.”

And it is here that KG Rosén’s legacy is found – at Neoventa. It is his vision and inspiration that drives us forward in our own daily work. To continue making a profound difference to the lives of so many by contributing to the birth of healthier babies.

Everyone at Neoventa would like to express our condolences to KG Rosén’s family at this sad time.

With thanks to Annika Mårtendal and Mats Kjellstrand.

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