New course: Optimising Surveillance of a High-risk Fetus

Neoventa Academy is adding a new course to its offering focused on the special needs of a high-risk fetus and how best to optimise surveillance during labour. The topics covered by the new course, called Optimising Surveillance of a High-risk Fetus, include:

  • Understanding fetal adaptation to a hypoxic intrauterine environment
  • Fetal compensatory responses to intrapartum hypoxic and mechanical stresses
  • Principles for monitoring a large-for-date fetus during labour (including gestational diabetes mellitus) and recognition of relative utero-placental insufficiency (RUPI) on the CTG trace
  • Principles for monitoring a small-for-date fetus during labour: oligo or anhydramnios and chronic utero-placental insufficiency
  • Rational fetal monitoring during the antenatal and preterm period, including the role of computerized antenatal CTG
  • How to optimize intrapartum fetal surveillance for twins and breech
  • Evidence-based management of a fetus exposed to prostaglandins and oxytocin to avoid hypoxic injuries and unnecessary intrapartum operative interventions

The course will include Q&A sessions as well as interactive case reviews and discussions.

Read more and sign up for the new course: click here.

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