New online course on massive postpartum haemorrhage

new course on mpph by neoventa academy

Neoventa Academy’s mission is to promote safer maternity care for mothers and babies alike by sharing knowledge, in particular of CTG interpretation based on fetal physiology. Greater knowledge also increases peace of mind for staff on the maternity ward while improving their work environment.

The latest course from Neoventa Academy is centred on one of the most serious complications that can arise immediately after childbirth, namely massive postpartum haemorrhage (MPPH).

MPPH is a serious condition that causes the mother to haemorrhage large amounts of blood following the birth of her baby. The condition requires rapid identification and management so as to avoid a life-threatening situation or further complications for the mother.

Causes of MPPH include the uterus failing to contract, placental retention, placenta accreta, perineal lacerations and uterine rupture. Managing the situation as effectively as possible requires a competent team with well-defined roles and clear procedures. Example measures include uterine massage, aortic compression and administering drugs to help the uterus to contract. If the condition is not stabilised, the patient is rushed to surgery.

The course encompasses theory, the latest research in the field, video demonstrations and interactive case discussions. The course is suitable for anyone working within maternity care who would like to broaden their knowledge of effective methods for managing MPPH.

This new course will be offered for the first time on 21 May and will be held online. You can register your interest at Neoventa’s website by following this link: Click here

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