Keeping the blood flowing: Neoventa Medical in the Blodomloppet 2022 race

Neoventa Medical in the Blodomloppet 2022 race

It’s no secret that an active lifestyle is a big contributor to good health – and the Neoventa Medical team believes in promoting team activities as a way to boost company culture and lend a helping hand at the same time.

In September 2022, Neoventa employees banded together to run in the Blodomloppet race in Gothenburg, helping to focus attention on the importance of blood donation in saving lives. The race involved walking, jogging or running five to ten kilometers and aimed to promote everyday healthy activities people can take – for a good cause. The Neoventa team, already committed to health and wellness, brought their excitement to the race and ran as a team.

“It’s fantastic that we have such good cohesion at Neoventa and that there are so many of us who enjoy an active lifestyle. When we saw that Blodomloppet was taking place in Gothenburg, we immediately decided to participate, and it was fun to see that so many colleagues wanted to join,” explained Neoventa Medical’s Chief Operating Officer, Janna Klein. “It feels extra good that we can help draw attention to Blodomloppet’s important movement, which encourages individuals to support care by donating blood.”


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