Neoventa appoints Christian Pitulia as CEO for new era of growth

Leadership change positions Neoventa for continued growth in a rapidly changing market. 

The board of directors of Neoventa Medical, a leading global provider of fetal monitoring solutions, has appointed its current Chief Commercial Officer, Christian Pitulia, as CEO to lead the company in a new phase of growth. Neoventa’s previous CEO, Ulf Järnberg, having led Neoventa through a rebuild and strengthening phase, will leave the company and the Board thanks Ulf for his untiring contributions to and time with Neoventa. 

Chairman of the Neoventa Board, Dan Pitulia, stated: “It is exciting to see the business taking off, and Christian is well-equipped to lead the company through the growth journey he started as CCO and deliver on our strategic objectives.”  

As Christian takes on the CEO role, his previous role as CCO will be filled by Hans Persson. Hans comes to Neoventa from GHP Specialty Care, where he served as business area manager for the Nordics. His previous experience includes extensive leadership roles, including among others CEO of Previa, CEO of Global Medical Investment AB and CEO of Welzorg Sweden. 

“The business is growing fast with a number of major shifts in the market situation,” Dan continues. “As positive as these conditions are they do call for a shift in our approach, leadership and further financing in order to capitalize on them. The Board is giving its full support to Christian and his team.” 

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