Neoventa Medical AB Enters the South African Market Through Partnership with YMS for Advanced Fetal Monitoring Solutions

Neoventa Medical AB and YMS have joined forces to expand Neoventa’s presence in the South African market. Through a distributorship agreement, Neoventa will leverage YMS’s position as a leading regional supplier of medical equipment to provide advanced fetal monitoring solutions to maternity care providers in South Africa. This collaboration solidifies Neoventa’s standing as a premier provider in the industry.

By partnering with YMS, a trusted reseller with a solid reputation in both the private and public sectors, Neoventa aims to tap into the vast market potential in South Africa. YMS’s extensive experience and comprehensive product portfolio will enable Neoventa to consolidate its position as a premier provider of advanced fetal monitoring solutions.

Christian Pitulia, CEO of Neoventa Medical, expressed his satisfaction with the partnership, emphasizing the positive impact it will have on patients. He highlighted YMS’s market coverage, stating, “I am confident that YMS’s experience and broad offering will help us leverage our position as a premium provider of fetal monitoring solutions, benefiting both mothers and babies.”

Dr. Khaya Gobinca, CEO and Chairman at YMS, also expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, recognizing the synergy between Neoventa’s fetal monitoring solutions and YMS’s existing product portfolio. Dr. Gobinca stated,” Neoventa’s fetal monitoring solutions make a strong match for our product portfolio, allowing us to retain our market position as a reliable supplier of cutting-edge technology in fetal monitoring.”

With this new partnership, Neoventa and YMS are poised to make a significant impact in the South African market, ultimately benefiting expectant mothers and healthcare professionals alike with state-of-the-art fetal monitoring technology.

About YMS:

YMS is a leading South African based distributor and reseller of diverse medical supplies that facilitate Point of Care and quick access to quality health services. The product portfolio includes medical devices of small to medium size, instruments, medical furniture, pharmaceuticals and disposables. The diverse client profile is confirmation to the trust that was acquired over 60 years in business.

About Neoventa:

Neoventa Medical AB provides fetal monitoring solutions and educational programs for obstetric care. Their premier product, the Stan S41 Maternal and Fetal monitor, is a compact and portable CTG device that can be configured according to customer needs. Fetal ST Analysis, Neoventa’s unique method, is used as an adjunct to CTG, and provides a more detailed picture of the fetal state during labor. Neoventa also provides disposable fetal scalp electrodes under the brand Goldtrace. For decades, Neoventa has been a driving force in the development of fetal monitoring solutions, and to date more than 3 million deliveries have been monitored using Neoventa technology.

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