Interview with Professor Jacquemyn, University Hospital of Antwerp

Professor Jacquemyn was the first to introduce STAN in Belgium in 2001, and since this time his department at the University Hospital of Antwerp has been a ‘Centre of Excellence’. Together with the midwives Gisèle Possemiers and Suzy Verbruggen he has trained hundreds of doctors and midwives in the STAN method. The ‘students’ have not just come from the region of Flanders but from the whole of Belgium, from the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
We asked Professor Jacquemyn a few questions …

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Dutch RCT Published

The Dutch Randomized Controlled Trial on ST Analysis is published in the June issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology – The Green Journal. The trial is one of the largest ever within obstetrics, and it confirms the results from the previous RCTs with the conclusion that ST Analysis as an adjunct to CTG “…substantially decreases the incidence of (metabolic) acidosis.”
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Large randomized controlled study from Utrecht in the Netherlands confirm the clinical benefits of ST Analysis
This …

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Cost-effectiveness of ST Analysis

The long-term cost-effectiveness of fetal monitoring during labour: a comparison of cardiotocography complemented with ST analysis versus cardiotocography alone
E Heintz,a T-H Brodtkorb,a N Nelson,b L-A Levinaa.
The purpose of the study was to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of ST analysis compared to that of CTG alone. The authors used a decision model with baseline estimates derived from the literature. The result shows that ST analysis is a cost saving method compared to CTG alone in the long term perspective, including …

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How to update the STAN S31 system software

Software updates are generally supplied through the local distributor. Enclosed with each update is a detailed instruction on how to perform the update, and documentation relating to new and changed functions for the software. Contact your sales representative for further assistance.

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How to prepare a USB Storage device for recording transfer

USB devices that are to be used for transfer must be prepared through a special process. The purpose of this is to provide protection against unauthorised people taking recordings from STAN, intentionally or by mistake by plugging a memory stick, music player etc.. The preparation process only has to be performed once for a new storage device, before the first time it is used. Note that the act of preparing a storage device does not format it or delete any …

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How to transfer recordings to USB storage media

The following applies when STORAGE_DEVICE is set to USB Storage.
Anytime when the STAN is started, plug a prepared USB storage device into any of the two available USB connectors. It may be easier to do this with an USB extension cable. Note that it is possible to do this during an ongoing recording, without having to end it first.

When STAN identifies a prepared USB storage device, a confirmation dialog will first ask whether to start transfer recordings. …

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How to calibrate the touchscreen

To calibrate the touchscreen, enter the Touchscreen Calibration dialog. This can be done either by selecting the Calibrate Touch button in the Maintenance Functions dialog as described above, or by touching the bottom left field stating Tap to calibrate touchscreen during start up. As with the service functions, the calibration dialog cannot be accessed while a temporarily ended recording is on the internal disk. In occurring cases, end the recording first by selecting the Start New button in the Continue …

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How to review or copy a stored recording

review a stored recording, first enter the Service Functions dialog by tapping the Tap to access service functions field during system start up. (Finish possible ongoing recordings by selecting Start New if asked.) Then select the button Manage Recordings button, second from the left, to enter the Manage Recordings dialog.

To select recordings stored on the temporary storage on the internal disk, select the Internal Storage button. To be able to view recordings stored on a USB storage device, …

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High usage of CTG+ST Analysis results in a reduced rate of metabolic acidosis

This prospective clinical study1 investigated the improvements in quality-of-care after the introduction of ST Analysis in a Swedish district hospital. Data was collected during seven years and almost 13,000 deliveries were included in a detailed analysis. The number of deliveries increased by 47% during the time period, and during the same period the usage of CTG + ST Analysis increased from 26 to 69%. The rate of cord gas sampling also increased and was 96.3% in 2007.
The cord metabolic …

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New method saves babies during childbirth – a paradigm shift in fetal monitoring

Recently, a very large Swedish clinical study was published in the well recognized American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The study is unique and summarizes all deliveries at one hospital over a seven year period. The results show that since the introduction of the STAN® monitor with ST Analysis, the number of babies born with asphyxia during birth has been reduced by more than 90%. The article states that this is a paradigm shift in the outcomes for deliveries.

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