How to configure STAN S31 for network recording storage

First decide what protocol and server type to use. FTP and HTTP/WebDAV are the easiest to implement, while HTTP/POST is intended for more advanced server applications, e.g. when the recording file is to be added to a digital patient record or similar.Install the server application and decide what kind of authorisation is to be used. Although anonymous access is supported, Neoventa recommends that, when not using anonymous access, a unique account is created on the server for the STAN devices, …

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Effectiveness of pulse oximetry vs ST Analysis

The aim of this prospective randomized study was to compare the effectiveness of pulse oximetry and ST Analysis of the fetal ECG, and to determine which method was better at identifying the labour which could continue to deliver a healthy newborn.

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Customer Success Story. Interview with Dr. Edwin Chandraharan, St. George’s Hospital London.

Edwin Chandraharan (MBBS, MS (Obs&Gyn), DFFP, DCRM, MRCOG) is the Lead Consultant Labour Ward & Lead Clinical Governance in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at St. George’s University Hospital in London, UK and has been working with ST Analysis since 2002.
Can you tell us about your first experiences of STAN and ST Analysis?
ST Analysis was introduced to St. George’s Hospital by my predecessor Mr. Austin Ugwumadu and Professor Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran in 2002. Initially we had only four STAN ST …

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Comment on the Stockholm County Council’s decision on the STAN-method

The County Council’s Committee on Knowledge Management (KUST) made the decision in early September that the STAN-method, which is the method developed by Neoventa, will not be used during childbirth in the Stockholm County. The recommendation is to use the method only in a controlled clinical trial to make further scientific evaluation possible.
KUST based its decision on a recently published report from the Method Council for the Stockholm County Council – Region Gotland, “Fetal monitoring with computerized ST analysis …

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Kommentar med anledning av Stockholms Läns Landstings beslut om STAN-metoden

Kommittén för Kunskapsstyrning (KUST) inom Stockholms Läns Landsting beslutade i början av september att STAN-metoden, det vill säga den metod som Neoventa har utvecklat, inte ska användas vid förlossningar inom Stockholms Läns Landsting. Om metoden ska användas får det endast ske inom ramen för en kontrollerad klinisk studie.
KUST bygger sitt ställningstagande på en rapport som Metodrådet vid Stockholms Läns Landsting – Region Gotland nyligen publicerade; “Fetal monitoring with computerized ST-analysis during labor – a systematic review” (Rapport 2011:3).
Metodrådet …

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Revised ITT analysis of Swedish RCT shows unchanged significant effect

The objective of this revision was to compare the results of the current standard intention-to-treat (ITT) analysis with the results of the previously published Swedish randomised controlled trial (RCT), and to perform a retrospective quality control and reanalysis of the data.

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World´s largest trial in obstetrics

The US National Institute of Health (NIH) is conducting the largest trial ever within obstetrics. The purpose of this research study is to see if Stan and ST Analysis will have an impact on newborn health in the United States, as it has been shown to have in Europe. The study is currently recruiting, and the goal is 11,000 patients to be included until 2012. For more information Click here

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Interview with Professor Jacquemyn, University Hospital of Antwerp

Professor Jacquemyn was the first to introduce STAN in Belgium in 2001, and since this time his department at the University Hospital of Antwerp has been a ‘Centre of Excellence’. Together with the midwives Gisèle Possemiers and Suzy Verbruggen he has trained hundreds of doctors and midwives in the STAN method. The ‘students’ have not just come from the region of Flanders but from the whole of Belgium, from the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
We asked Professor Jacquemyn a few questions …

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Dutch RCT Published

The Dutch Randomized Controlled Trial on ST Analysis is published in the June issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology – The Green Journal. The trial is one of the largest ever within obstetrics, and it confirms the results from the previous RCTs with the conclusion that ST Analysis as an adjunct to CTG “…substantially decreases the incidence of (metabolic) acidosis.”
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Large randomized controlled study from Utrecht in the Netherlands confirm the clinical benefits of ST Analysis
This …

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Cost-effectiveness of ST Analysis

The long-term cost-effectiveness of fetal monitoring during labour: a comparison of cardiotocography complemented with ST analysis versus cardiotocography alone
E Heintz,a T-H Brodtkorb,a N Nelson,b L-A Levinaa.
The purpose of the study was to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of ST analysis compared to that of CTG alone. The authors used a decision model with baseline estimates derived from the literature. The result shows that ST analysis is a cost saving method compared to CTG alone in the long term perspective, including …

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