Advanced CTG Master Class


Advanced CTG Master Class is aimed to get further Understanding of Fetal Response to Stress, Types of Intrapartum Hypoxia, addressing Situational Awareness and Human Factors.

The Advanced CTG Master Class is a two day course with an optional networking dinner. We are hoping that you may find colleagues and collaborators outside your hospital and country that allow you an exchange of thoughts, knowledge and experiences.

Overall aim is to implement fetal physiology & CTG interpretation in to your delivery suite to get healthier babies, reduce unnecessary interventions and increase your motivation for a better working environment.

The classes are conducted by the Intra Partum Fetal Monitoring team from St George´s University Hospital of London.

The participant must have undertaken the CTG Master Class two day course in Intrapartum Care.

Advanced CTG Master Class

16th – 17th of April 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden
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