CTG Masterclass

The main aim of intrapartum fetal monitoring is to avoid fetal hypoxic
injury whilst minimising unnecessary operative interventions and
ensuring a positive birth experience to the woman and her family.

Although Cardiotocograph (CTG) has been used over the last 40
years, it is riddled with inter and intra-observer variability and has
a high false positive rate.

One of the drawbacks of conventional, traditional CTG Teaching
and Training as well as National Guidelines is over-reliance on
‘Pattern Recognition’.

CTG Masterclass is aimed at understanding fetal physiology and
to understand the pathophysiology behind the patterns that are
observed on the CTG Trace and to determine fetal response to
hypoxic and mechanical stresses that occur during labour.

Overall aim is to differentiate between fetal compensation and
decompensation so as to ensure timely and appropriate action.

It is sincerely hoped that by the end of the CTG Masterclass,
delegates will be able to recognise features of fetal response
to stress on the CTG Trace and also to predict the next change
on the CTG Trace!

The classes are conducted by International Experts in Physiological
CTG Masterclasses.

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The Masterclass is arranged in cooperation with Neoventa Medical

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