CTG Masterclass Advanced

27 Apr, 2021

Neoventa Academy

Welcome to CTG Masterclass!

Advanced CTG Masterclass is a two day course, aimed to get further understanding of Fetal Response to Stress, Types of Intrapartum Hypoxia, addressing Situational Awareness and Human Factors.

The overall aim is to implement fetal physiology & CTG interpretation into your delivery suite to get healthier babies, reduce unnecessary interventions and increase your motivation for a better working environment.

The participant must have undertaken the Basic CTG Masterclass two day course in Intrapartum Care.

preliminary program ctg masterclass basic

Preliminary Program

Edwin Chandraharan, UK
Annika Mårtendal, SE

Fee: 230€


FAQ: Click here

E-mail: info@neoventa.com

Please note that all lectures and material will be in English.

The CTG Masterclass is organized by Neoventa Medical

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