CTG Masterclass: Optimising Surveillance of a High Risk Fetus

26 Apr 2021

Neoventa Academy

Welcome to CTG Masterclass!

This CTG Masterclass will give you a deeper understanding of How to optimize your surveillance of a High Risk Fetus.

The course covers:

  • Understanding fetal adaptation to intrauterine hypoxic environment
  • Fetal compensatory responses to intrapartum hypoxic and mechanical stresses
  • Principles of monitoring a large for date fetus during labour (including gestational diabetes mellitus) & recognition of relative utero-placental insufficiency (RUPI) on the CTG trace
  • Principles of monitoring a small for dates fetus during labour: oligo or anhydramnios and chronic utero-placental insufficiency
  • Rational fetal monitoring during the antenatal and preterm period including the role of computerized antenatal CTG
  • How to optimize intrapartum fetal surveillance fot twins and breech?
  • Evidence-based management of a fetus exposed to prostaglandins and oxytocin to avoid hypoxic injuries and unnecessary inptrapartum operative interventions

It is sincerely hoped that by the end of the CTG Masterclass you will be able to optimize your surveillance of a High Risk Fetus.

The participant must have undertaken the Basic CTG Masterclass two day course in Intrapartum Care.

preliminary program ctg masterclass basic

Preliminary program

Edwin Chandraharan, UK
Annika Mårtendal, SE

Fee: 190€

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E-mail: info@neoventa.com

Please note that all lectures and material will be in English.

The CTG Masterclass is organized by Neoventa Medical

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