Masterclass on Massive Postpartum Haemorrhage

21 May, 2021

Neoventa Academy

Welcome to Masterclass on Systematic & Logical Management of Massive Postpartum Haemorrhage!

Course main topics:

  • Aetiology & Principles of Management of Massive PPH
  • The Role of the Algorithm ‘HAEMOSTASIS’
  • Obstetric Shock Index, the Rule of 30, Uterine Tamponade, Compression Sutures & Interventional Radiology
  • Multi-Disciplinary Team Management of Massive Postpartum Haemorrhage: Interactive case discussion with audience participation
  • Pathogenesis & Antenatal diagnosis of Placenta Acreta Spectrum Disorders
  • Current concepts in the management of Placenta Acreta Spectrum Disorders: Radical and uterus-conserving conservative surgical options
  • Video demonstration of the Triple P Procedure and the Use of Uterine Tamponade Balloon in the management of abnormal invasion of the placenta

The course is conducted by Edwin Chandraharan, the Director of Global Academy of Medical Education and Training Ltd.

It is sincerely hoped that by the end of this Masterclass your knowledge in Massive Postpartum Haemorrhage has increased and will make you more prepared in your daily daily work in obstetrics!

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Preliminary Program

Edwin Chandraharan, UK
Annika Mårtendal, SE

Fee: 190€

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Please note that all lectures and material will be in English.

The Masterclass is organised by Neoventa Medical

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