CTG Masterclass: Non-hypoxic causes of fetal compromise

7-8 December, 2020

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Welcome to CTG Masterclass!

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This CTG Masterclass will give you a deeper understanding of CTG interpretation and covers CTG changes in Chorioamnionitis, COVID, Fetal anaemia, Fetomaternal haemorrhage, Gestational diabetes, Cardiac disorders, Intrauterine fetal strokes, Preterm CTG and Mechanical stimuli-Operative vaginal births.

The course is conducted by Edwin Chandraharan, the Director of Global Academy of Medical Education and Training Ltd.

The overall aim is to differentiate between fetal compensation and decompensation to ensure timely and appropriate action. It is sincerely hoped that by the end of the CTG Masterclass, delegates will be able to recognize features of fetal response to stress on the CTG Trace and to predict the next change on the CTG Trace.

Preliminary program
preliminary program
Preliminary program

Edwin Chandraharan, UK
Annika Mårtendal, SE

Fee: Two days 150€

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E-mail: info@neoventa.com

Please note that all lectures and material will be in English.

The CTG Master Class is organized by Neoventa Medical.

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