Online patient case reviews with Dr. Susana Pereira

Neoventa Academy offers a unique opportunity to participate in online patient case reviews led by Dr. Susana Pereira. The sessions are based on real life scenarios where one patient cases is analysed per session with basis in the new physiological guidelines for CTG and ST Analysis.

Every fetus is different and comes equipped with different resources to handle the stress of labour. An increased understanding of fetal physiology makes it possible for healthcare providers to offer individualised care adjusted to each fetus’ unique situation.

Susana Pereira

Dr. Susana Pereira
Consultant in Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine
Kingston Hospital NHS Trust

Susana Pereira is an experienced consultant in obstetrics with a special interest in fetal monitoring. She is based at Kingston Hospital, UK, where physiological guidelines are currently being validated (for more information on the physiological guidelines, contact

The patient case reviews will be run on a monthly basis and new dates will be published below. To book your spot, click on the link below.

Upcoming patient case reviews:

29 Sep – 16.00-16.45 pm CET

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