Stan Cases


This is an online case library of real life CTG recordings, both with and without
ST analysis. The recordings include clinical background, outcome information
and expert comments, and are therefore ideal for training and education. Please
note that the personally identifiable data has been removed from the recordings.


You will find more interesting cases in the new educational material in CTG and ST analysis: The Green Books of Neoventa.

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The Physiology of Fetal surveillance, the Green Book of Neoventa Part I has been developed to provide midwives and doctors with up-to-date knowledge relating to the ability of the fetus to utilize its defence against threatening oxygen deficiency. It will improve the user´s ability to interpret the physiological reactions of the fetus.

To stimulate further interest in  interpretations of fetal reactions  there is a new volume: Green Book of Neoventa Part II. This book includes both user aspects to be considered from published studies to a set of 63 authentic index cases. The case reports are to illustrate the physiology and further understanding to fetal reactions to the most stressful situation in life – the process of being born.



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