Who is stressed? The fetus or the obstetrician? In this case review we will see a fetus who is well. Is it exposed to hypoxic stress, which is normal during labour, and it has the capacity to compensate for it. However, CTGs like this one can cause stress amongst clinicians, especially among junior staff. This is where ST analysis can help, by adding confidence and ultimately help to avoid unnecessary interventions.


Patient background: 

  • 35 years of age, BMI 17
  • G2P1 – vaginal birth Kiwi 2019
  • Uncomplicated pregnancy 
  • 36 week scan – cephalic, high posterior placenta, EFW
  • 55th centile, normal amniotic fluid and Dopplers 
  • 39+3 weeks gestation, spontaneous onset labor
  • Requesting epidural 


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