stan s41

Maternal & Fetal Monitor

The S41 monitor can be used for monitoring both the mother and fetus during simplex and duplex antenatal screening, labor, and delivery. We offer various add-ons to the S41 that enables you to build your own monitor according to your needs. The possibility of wireless and water-resistant transducers allows the mother to be mobile and monitored in water. The battery option provides the possibility for seamless registration during transport.

Stan S41 has a 12.1” touch screen with CTG trace displayed on screen, with a 70-degree position variation. It is compatible with several central monitoring systems and has a built-in printer, IUP monitoring, STV function and, visual and audio alarm system.

You can choose among the following add-ons:

• Internal Monitoring
• ST License
• Wireless US FHR & TOCO
• Wireless Aqua US FHR1 & TOCO
• Duplex Monitoring
• Built in Battery

Product sheet 

Stan Viewer
Stan Viewer Live

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