stan s41

The all-new Stan S41

We are now launching the brand-new Stan S41 – a complete, compact and portable CTG device with integrated printer and the capacity for integrated telemetry. Plus, you can view and interpret all information directly on the large screen, as it appears. With all the features you expect from a CTG device, Stan S41 comes with external monitoring and maternal parameters as standard. Its flexible design supports many different configurations. You can always upgrade the Stan S41 to take advantage of its full potential and get a device that is adapted to the workflow at your clinic.

Build the Stan S41 that suits your needs.
You can choose among the following options:

• Internal FHR monitoring using scalp electrode
• ST analysis of the fetal ECG
• Internal uterine activity monitoring using IUP catheter
• Integrated telemetry monitoring for ease of use and portability
• Large coloured touch screen
• Quick release from trolley and wall mount for portability
• Battery-powered operation for monitoring during transport

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