stan viewerlive

Always on the Labour ward

Stan Viewer Live is the only software of its kind that allows users to remotely access and view tracings regardless of where the Stan device is located – be it in the next room, or on a computer across the World.

Stan Viewer Live not only displays the ongoing tracing, but also the Event-log, the FECG average, and at the bottom is a trend window allowing staff to easily assess changes in the tracing over time.


Stan Viewer Live compatibility chart

  • User friendly remote real-time reviewing and diagnose
  • Microsoft® ClickOnce-installation – anyone can install the software
  • No special features needed to run Stan Viewer Live
  • Available to anyone with authorization to access hospital mainframe
  • Unique FECG average recordings presentation
  • Long term overview of variability and baseline heart rate
  • Communication via LAN
  • One minute learning curve
  • Time synchronizing between devices and hospital mainframe
  • MDD Class 1 medical Product


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