Every minute counts

Timing is important during childbirth. Unforeseen events may happen and the condition of the fetus can suddenly change. It is therefore important to have an accurate, real-time view of the fetus’s wellbeing.

Standard CTG has a high specificity for classification of normality and severe pathological traces. That is why we have developed the Stan method, an unique analysis tool for fetal monitoring. The combination of ST-analysis and standard CTG parameters provides extended and more
accurate information about the fetus during labour than CTG alone.

The method consists of a device with all the standard CTG functions plus ST analysis, the method shows the fetus’s ECG waveform measured with an electrode applied to the fetus’s scalp. This provides a continuous and central message from the fetal heart – minute by minute.


Evidence that speaks for itself

ST analysis is one of the most studied fetal monitoring methods. Several major randomised trials and many observational studies have been published with conclusive results: ST analysis makes it easier to monitor the fetus’s wellbeing. ST analysis has contributed to a reduction in neonatal metabolic acidosis, fetal scalp blood sampling and the number of operative deliveries around the world. As a conclusion, ST analysis has contributed to a better experience for mothers, babies, obstetric staff and hospitals.

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