Risk management on a human level

Being born is one of the greatest challenges of our lives. At Neoventa, we want to make each baby’s journey into the world as safe as possible. Our unique Stan method – CTG monitoring combined with our pioneering ST analysis – is the result of research we started over 40 years ago and are still driving forward today. ST analysis provides continuous, reliable information on the fetus’s wellbeing and gives a warning automatically in the event of increased risk of oxygen deficiency. This makes ST analysis a valuable tool for obstetric staff, helping them to perform proper interventions – ensuring that more healthy babies are born and making vaginal births possible for more women.

The Stan method offers the labour ward staff an unsurpassed ability to assess the health status of mother and fetus. From admitting the patient, until the child is born, the Stan method assists the staff in helping labour and delivery of the child in the safest possible way. Less stress for mother and staff means giving the new baby a good start in life.

Benefits for the labour team:

  • ST analysis continuously provides additional information to the CTG tracing with alerts for timely action
  • Your enhanced knowledge in fetal physiology and pathophysiology leaves you more assured in stressful situations
  • ST analysis is your second pair of eyes in the delivery room

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