Central Monitoring Systems (CMS) with ST information

The following central monitoring systems (CMS) have full ST integration validated by Neoventa Medical:

Usage of ST data presentation is only recommended with CMS validated by Neoventa Medical. For information regarding integration of ST data presentation in CMS not listed here, please contact the manufacturer.

Updated 2018-09-28

CMS with ST information STAN S31 STAN S41
Medexa, Milou x x
Speculum, OmniView-SisPorto® x x
Huntleigh Healthcare, Dopplex® Centrale x
Nexus, ARGUS Central Fetal Monitoring System
Nexus / CTG Monitor Surveillance x x*
K2 Medical Systems, Guardian System x
Philips Medical Systems, IntelliSpace Perinatal x x**
ChipSoft BV, HiX CS-CTG x x*
ChipSoft BV, EZIS CS-CTG (older version) x

* Compatible with STAN S41 software version V3.10- and later.

** Compatible with STAN S41 software version V4.0- and later.

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