STAN S31 CMS interconnection guide

This guide is intended to provide basic installation and troubleshooting instructions for connecting a STAN S31 fetal monitor to a 3’rd party Central Monitoring System communicating over RS-232.

In case you need to contact technical support during installation and troubleshooting, please have the following information ready

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How to configure STAN S31 for automatic clock synchronization

There are two ways of synchronizing the STAN S31 system clock. You can either set up synchronization against a central monitoring system (CMS) that is connected via RS-232, and you can set up synchronization against a network server via TCP/IP.
To set up synchronization against a CMS, the following prerequisites must be fulfilled:A: Your STAN S31 must have software version R6A or later.B: You must a Central Monitoring System that support clock synchronization. (Check with your CMS vendor for confirmation.)
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How to configure STAN S31 for IP networking

First connect the STAN to the network using a TP (i.e. twisted pair) network cable with RJ-45 connectors. Ensure that the correct cabling is used and that a CNK 101 003 Ethernet Isolation Box is connected between the STAN and the network. If you want to connect STAN directly to the network port of a printer, without going e.g. through a switch or a network HUB, the Rx/Tx signals of the cable need to be crossed.
Start the STAN and …

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How to configure STAN for network printing

Ensure that the printer supports the PCL-5 language, that it has a network connection and supports the LPD (Line Printer Daemon) network protocol. Optionally, the printer can be connected through a network printer server that supports LPD.
Configure STAN for IP networking as described above. If STAN and the printer are to be connected locally using a crossed cable, we recommend that both STAN and printer are configured with fixed IP addresses in the 192.168.0.x series (e.g. for STAN …

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How to build a demo USB with your own STAN cases

Building your own demo USB to use with Stan S31, containing your own recordings is easy.
1. Use a USB stick that works with Stan S31. Note that you cannot use the same USB as you use for archiving Stan recordings.
2. To test whether a USB stick works with Stan, start a new recording, hold down the ‘End’ menu button and then press the ‘System Status’ dialog that appears. Select the ‘External devices’ view. Connect your USB stick to …

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How to configure STAN S31 for network recording storage

First decide what protocol and server type to use. FTP and HTTP/WebDAV are the easiest to implement, while HTTP/POST is intended for more advanced server applications, e.g. when the recording file is to be added to a digital patient record or similar.Install the server application and decide what kind of authorisation is to be used. Although anonymous access is supported, Neoventa recommends that, when not using anonymous access, a unique account is created on the server for the STAN devices, …

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How to update the STAN S31 system software

Software updates are generally supplied through the local distributor. Enclosed with each update is a detailed instruction on how to perform the update, and documentation relating to new and changed functions for the software. Contact your sales representative for further assistance.

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How to prepare a USB Storage device for recording transfer

USB devices that are to be used for transfer must be prepared through a special process. The purpose of this is to provide protection against unauthorised people taking recordings from STAN, intentionally or by mistake by plugging a memory stick, music player etc.. The preparation process only has to be performed once for a new storage device, before the first time it is used. Note that the act of preparing a storage device does not format it or delete any …

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How to transfer recordings to USB storage media

The following applies when STORAGE_DEVICE is set to USB Storage.
Anytime when the STAN is started, plug a prepared USB storage device into any of the two available USB connectors. It may be easier to do this with an USB extension cable. Note that it is possible to do this during an ongoing recording, without having to end it first.

When STAN identifies a prepared USB storage device, a confirmation dialog will first ask whether to start transfer recordings. …

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How to calibrate the touchscreen

To calibrate the touchscreen, enter the Touchscreen Calibration dialog. This can be done either by selecting the Calibrate Touch button in the Maintenance Functions dialog as described above, or by touching the bottom left field stating Tap to calibrate touchscreen during start up. As with the service functions, the calibration dialog cannot be accessed while a temporarily ended recording is on the internal disk. In occurring cases, end the recording first by selecting the Start New button in the Continue …

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